How to Help a Friend with Depression from afar

A few of the questions in response to my 'if you could ask me one thing' post asked how people can help a friend with depression/anxiety, or even me personally.  At first, I was reluctant to write a post like this as I fear it comes across demanding when others have their own problems.  But … Continue reading How to Help a Friend with Depression from afar

Friendships with Mental Illness

I am a big fan of focussing on the people that are physically around you. In this century, we have so many ways to stay in touch with people far away (email, text, social media, Skype, and yes we can still send letters), that I think we can lose energy and attention for those who … Continue reading Friendships with Mental Illness

If you could ask me one thing…?

If you could ask me one question about mental health (or anything else if you fancy it) what would it be? I'm intrigued and want to help you help people with mental illnesses. So, if you're keen, please fill in the form below (anonymously if you want) and I'll see if I can answer some … Continue reading If you could ask me one thing…?

Coming Soon…hopefully

The last few weeks I've really wanted to speak but felt unable to. I've started eight posts but haven't finished any.  I either have a topic that I care about but haven't yet organised my thoughts for a direction or I can't put together a concise and articulate piece that's worth sharing.  My mind is … Continue reading Coming Soon…hopefully

Finding a Job with Depression

Getting a job can be really, really hard when depressed and/or anxious. Some people manage to get and keep a job while suffering, others struggle to retain a job and others can't work at all. I'm yet to discover what camp I fit into.  I have been unable to get past the first hurdle into … Continue reading Finding a Job with Depression

A Day in the Life of a Depressed Person #1

[Written last week] "What have you been up to?" "Not much." "So how do you spend your days?" "Errrr...." Today, I didn't get out of my pyjamas until 4.30pm.  I woke up at 7.30, lay in bed for another hour, fell asleep again at some point and woke up at 10 feeling rubbish.  Since then, … Continue reading A Day in the Life of a Depressed Person #1

Dear Friend, Thank You.

A friend dropped a little package through the door today and I've only just stopped crying with happiness.  I thought it was worth sharing to highlight how much things like this can mean to someone like me. Along with a hilarious, heartwarming letter and a couple of lollies, it included Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig. … Continue reading Dear Friend, Thank You.